Ramadhan Journey (Jakarta – Bandung – Kertosono – Mojokerto)

Ramadhan 1428,

Last time go home 2 month ago… that’s month i go home for “kangen”reason with someone. October 13th, i’ll go home again with “Ramadhan fiesta” reason. on 1 side i will meet with my lovely family, the other one i will leave my full work flow. but the other side i will meet my someone on neighbor hehehe :-).  The journey is start on my office, i will get the train to surabaya from bandung, Suxx ticket is sold out on jakarta (train, airplane, etc). /me get the ticket with the  Lebaran price 300K IDR

Thanks god you send friend like pak Agung, he will send us to bandung with his car.. (god bless you pak :-)), /me go to bandung with pak Douby, pak Eko, pak Hotben then pak Agung as Driver.  we hear and see the news actually on cipularang is full of car so we decide to cross over the Jonggol (short cut to bandung cross Cibubur – Cianjur – Padalarang) with dark area, not good road (very gravel). we start on 5 pm from jakarta and arrive on Bandung 9 pm. Actually /me confuse will be sleep on where now ?? hmmm.. thinking (tinggg), i think we need go to mosque at STTTelkom. Alhamdulillah my friend “Gokong” is still sleep at Syamsul Ulum Mosque. yes /me and pak Eko sleep at mosque at 11 pm. Tired… very Tired…. , then tomorrow morning we must go to train station to get the train at 7am.  Thanks god we not late to get to Stasiun Kebun Kawung Bandung. But my handset is going off…. (sucks…)

Pak Eko courtsey me get the battery on my PDA.

mudik Shittt.. “Ko Lu moto ngomong2 donk gw jiakakaka gw masih nyokot tuh stylus lu photo2” /me on track 1 waiting for Argo Wilis take off at 7 pm.


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