My New Engine 2007 – IBM X40

pic249.jpgNow i come with refurbished laptop again but with small size and more power inside… :-), but actually the engine is lower than before (R40). /me buy at Mall Ambasaddor with high hunting 7 days before… my reason to change engine is my little brother at ITB need engine for Final Project reason. Hehehehe the other reason is how to make my work + other work is can flow both office and home (so pity ;p)….

/me buy this engine is 2nd hand from the store at Ambasaddor Mall (Ocean Computer), and /me get the fine price is around $US 550. With major spec :

  • Intel Pentium Centrino 1GHz
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 1
  • DDR1 512 MB
  • HDD 40 GB
  • 2 USB Port
  • 1 SD Card Reader
  • 1 Serial port (Presentation)
  • LAN, Modem, WLAN
  • 1 PCMCIA Slot
  • 1 DVD Rom Combo Exsternal.

This engine work well, i hope it can be long lifetime Engine….. 🙂

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