Journey To Batam …. [oops… fight to be light] part 2

Wuahemm… Wednesday, October 18, 2007

So Morning (Subuh), i waked up to prepare packing everything that /me must bring to workshop..fiuhh..@ least 30 minutes to pack clothes, bath tools, laptop. /me not carry the camera coz to full of thing. last /me carry 1 back pack and 1 shoulder bag. actually /me will go through batam on 8.55 on morning, but my friend is try to subs me with his ticket on evening 15.20, (Screaming on inside The weather is not good today)…. 😦

My bad feel is truely happened to me@ the airport, 15.00 /me check in to 1st level – not detail screening, 2nd level is pass away, BUT on 3rd level throw the side of ticket Fcuk, not accepted because my ID (pak Edy ID) is not the same face with me (sucks…), any reason to make me pass is like garbage.. /me must buy the ticket again. (lesson to buy ticket match to ID card)… the ticket is going up from 700K – 900K.. 😦 sucks…, last /me get batam 1 Hours 19 Minutes. at Batam 18.00 we was waiting by mrs. unknown to take us (MDS Division, Product Division, Some NO+IT Division) to Batam View Resort.


As you see on the picture above..Batam View Resort Give me another view of batam on the west side of this island. /me with my roommate pak Aris… hehehe actually now why.. /me can go through pak Aris..


See view from 5th floor Batam View Resort.. Nice view :-). Then actually we must go to meet that morning with other division…. hehehehe actually i was surprise to see meet like psy war (/me can not tell the detail).. but /me get the lesson to see this “war”, if someone try to silent is can not be light to solve the problem, actually this “war” opened our eyes to make the problem more light oopss… , prend. /me will continue part 3 later… 8 clock must be work for fill my empty stomach 😀

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