My Way Home – Office

Just share how /me goes to office and back to home…. now i life at Musywarah street at ragunan pasar minggu. every day /me get a busway or “nebeng” [get motor with my friend]. if /me get the busway /me must goes at 6.00 a clock to get Busway Shelter (SMK 57) with discount price :-p (just 2000 IDR), and not big load passenger hehehe. and may be took 15 – 20 minutes to Kuningan Timur Shelter. and /me must on walk arround 0,5 KM to get Wisma Mulia (try to keep health [wahahaha]), if /me nebeng took around 15 minutes on front of wisma mulia.  exception : if /me late 30 minutes from 6.00 a clock /me will cry coz take 1,5 hour to get from SMK 57 – Kuningan Timur Shelter (sucks…).

Yes that’s who i am… life at metropolis city with many variety people inside… so enjoy life at jakarta with enjoy sustain….. 🙂


there is map of start 2007, /me start from gotong royong to timah  shelter

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