I Get accident …. (sucxxx)… Thanks God…

That’s night, it my terrible night on Friday, not fit, bad mood…. i was go to malang with my friend /me as a driver (rent a car to Telkomsel.. ) iĀ  was drive the car with speed arround 80 – 100 Km/h, not so fast at the road like pamanukan and cirebon….

/me at that night not have a good luck, i was crashed on pick up car that want turn u to reverse side. but actually the half of the body on the center of the road plus the car light is not flame plus the paint is black.. oh God… the car is damn not right here.. Bummm /me was on brake from 80 km/h til 40 km/h on 25 m from crashed….. shitt… my right front bumper is not good as well everything is crashed…. thanks God nothing life to be sacriface, My front lamp is good, engine is OK, and we decide to go back to Jakarta…. With no back lamp, and turn left indicator lamp… (shentee..)….

That’s night is very my bad experience on Pantura… (North Coast Java)….. šŸ˜¦

5 Responses to I Get accident …. (sucxxx)… Thanks God…

  1. nuy berkata:

    trying to understand the grammar …
    errr ….. *skip skip skip*
    moral of the story … give natha a bicycle and free soccer ticket … never a car šŸ™‚

  2. j4ncuk berkata:

    pake bhs indon aja bos.. susah cernanya šŸ˜›

  3. natztsel berkata:

    babah se… nge-blog… is free man… jiaakakakaaka šŸ˜€

  4. akhirnya… selesai jg ngebacanya.. šŸ˜›
    * untung baca komennya duluan *

  5. nuy berkata:

    bagi-bagi eko “turn left lamp” buat
    *buka2 kembali buku oxford*

    eh lieur euy

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