Fcuk With “RL”

Desember 28, 2007

Njirr… Baru kali ini gw kesel ama “RL” ancxxxxxk……. Axu……..

Prend kerja yang bener donk….. Sama2 Pro.. Kok Malah Njadi2…. Njing… Sapa Lo Sapa gw…..

Fcuk with your kartelisasi… Njing….


Pixenate – Photo’s Made Easy

Desember 28, 2007

PixenateNah Loh Ini dia Tools Image Editing Online yang baru2 ini ku search dan ku temukan… Ya lumayan lah buat enhance, nambah sharpen, Color, Trus kasih efek…. Lumayan… Walaupun ga begitu2 powerful kaya photoshop kita paling ga lebih handal daripada Microsoft Paint.

Trus keknya si Pixenate juga nyediain plugin buat website kita biar bisa ngedit2..(tapi pucrhase cuy..).

Websitenya di : http://pixenate.com/index.php

Prend Kalo ada yang lain mbo ya di share yeeee….. ku Tunggu Beritanya….

My Little Time – My Past Time

Desember 28, 2007

Natha Baby

23 Years I have life on Earth (My Lovely Earth – My Sucks Jakarta)…….. Hmmmm many thing i was do at past… Love, Family and other Child Past Time that i did not know anything….. until i know every thing that i must know….. see picture behind…. So Impressive and happy child spirit…. May friend we have a little time to make our life soooo good…

So Friend let’s take our “Little Time” To Make Our Earth Better.. Better and Better…..


Natha Gedean

 This my picture when i was 5.. My Spirit to be a soldier… wekekkeke so.. so.. pity… now i was work at Technology Company……

Keep spirit like our past time… hope we will get better chance to fix the time…..


Brand New PSP-Black Pearl-Fat Version-Crack Ver.

Desember 27, 2007

moto8042Uakhireeee rekkk… setelah memendam hasrat selama 1 tahun. Dapet juga akhire… Brand New PSP Fat Version seharga +/- Rp. X Jeti dengan Spek Komplit (Mesin, charger, Pouch, Hands free, Memory Stick Pro Duo) Crack Edition + 3 Game Gratis – Asline se kemahalen – Tapi yo nasibe tokone. Dah di test semua bisa main game via Memori Stick Pro Duo (No UMD Needed :D)………. Bisa Buat Play MP3, MP4 (Video), Nge-net (WiFI Mode).

Dah di coba buat maen pairing (Ad Hoc Mode) Ama om Derry –> Maen Need For Speed Carbon. Keren Puooolll Manteb Gamenya. List Game-ku :

  • Winning Eleven 10
  • Pro Evolution 2007
  • Snoopy Vs Red Baloon
  • Ridge Racer
  • Metal Slug Anthology
  • Dinner Dash

Kalo PSP recommended buat jalan2 sih… kalo buat stay PS2 masih numero uno… Happy Gaming Jek….. Seee yAAAA……


Naruto Shippuden – Kyubi Unleashed

Desember 27, 2007

Dear of You Naruto Fans… if you wanna see The Latest Naruto Shippuden Anime – You can see at http://sentramovie.blogspot.com everything about naruto shippuden all in 1…..

Recommended to see 40-41 Kyubi Unleashed…. very cool 4 tail Jinchurukiii transformation……

Happy Seeing uups….. 🙂

Wanna Search Free Movie, App or Other

Desember 27, 2007

Hey friend if you wanna search free a lot of Movie, Music, App, PSP isos and another thing you can entered to this several link (but you must have minimal Rapidshare account) :

enjoy download….. 🙂

Bwahahahahaah – Silent Library Japan

Desember 26, 2007

Bwekekeke Lucu Banget Sumpah…


History Of Silent Library (Wikipedia.org)

Silent Library

In this segment, the cast and a sixth member are in a staged library in which one of them has to undergo a punishment upon choosing the card with the skull and crossbones on it (similar to Russian roulette). Although the game requires that they remain silent during the entire segment, the members repeatedly let out bursts of muffled laughter that is loud enough for the occupants of the library to hear. Former K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost once made a special appearance.