Play Snes,Nes on MotoQ – Smartphone Lah

Hi Guys… i wanna share my success run for my “utik2” (Try and Error) Emulator for NES (Classic Nintendo) and SNES (super nintendo 64) that run on smartphone (especially on my MotoQ ).

Emulator NES

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Game that famous with SMB Super Mario Brother – Mario and Luigi, You can play on smartphone. First You Must download the emulator first

Then create a folder at [SDCARD]/Program Files/NES/ then put the PocketNesterPlus.exe at that directory.

To Optimize the performance you must see this quote

There is a quirk when enabling sound. First enable it with sound sync, exit it. Open it again, then the sound is enabled.

To achieve a better emulation speed, turn off sound, and use frameskip 4 with frame autoskip enabled.

It need a free version tgetfile.dll to run, which can be get from

Then Download the File, extract the file then copy the cab file into SD Card –> Run The Cab File to copy tgetfile.dll to windows directory. Restart Your SmartPhone and run the PocketNesterPlus.exe then load the rom (you can download free here, then abrakadabra the game is appear on your smart Phone (i play Ice Climb hihihih very classic games)

Screen Shoot :




Wahahaha That’s Awsome…. Ice Climb run on my MotoQ

Emulator Snes

SNES or Super SNES

Platform above of NES can play 3D and color enhancement, the play is look great… you can play the old game (super mario brother and other) at your smart phone… Try to Took This step…

Download The Emu :

extract the file then place the emu at [same location above] then you will see two folder that ROM and EMULATOR, then try copy TGETFILE.dll to windows directory. the restart your smartphone. Run the PocketSNES.exe, open the ROM and Abakadabra…. I run Super Mario – Yoshie at my MotoQ8…..

Screen Shoot :




That’s awesome xixixixix super mario at my MotoQ….. I can You must Can……..


10 Responses to Play Snes,Nes on MotoQ – Smartphone Lah

  1. jerry berkata:

    how do you copy TGETFILE.dll to the window directory on your phone where is the window direcotery please help me email me at

  2. nolram45 berkata:

    como se ase para poner horizontal la pantalla al jugar ,nes en el motorola q

  3. TSUNAMI berkata:


  4. alejandro berkata:

    @nolmar45: Debes entrar por Options > Display > LandScape Left Así te quedará derecho, pero luego debes darle la vuelta a la configuración de las teclas también y listo!

  5. games wii berkata:

    games wii…

    yep! for me wii is also the best console on earth…

  6. hali berkata:

    i have the emulator i just cant get super mario on it…i really want super mario world yoshis island but i dont know what type of file works…all the ones ive found are .smc and they dont work on my moto q

  7. dunno berkata:


    gr8, well almost… doesnt work on my q9 at all. emulator starts, but i cant play any game – they seems to be destructed onto the lines or something. any help..?

  8. abradisse berkata:

    I made with photoshop anime myspace pics.
    have a look at them:
    Thanks 4 your website 🙂 xoxoxo

  9. AD berkata:

    i can’t get the SNES games to work. the emu works but when i try to load a game, nothing happens. i copied the .dll file into the windows folder. what is wrong with what im doing?

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