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Agustus 25, 2008

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Mulan Jameela 2 Songs (Sakitnya Minta Ampun – Bukannya Aku Takut)

Agustus 25, 2008

Mulan Jameela Feat. Dewi2 – Sakit Minta Ampun

Mulan Jameela – Bukannya Aku Takut

ISL – Djarum Indonesian Super League Sucksss

Agustus 19, 2008

Wedew bener ga sih ISL itu sucks…. formatnya udah bener tapi…. kok pamor masih kalah ada yang salah kali ya ????

wall-e Stories about humanity….

Agustus 19, 2008

from :

“I can’t say enough about how good this movie, that you probably haven’t read, so I’m going to keep this short.

This is the best thing out there in theater’s right now, and might just be the best animated film of all time, whether you believe that or not, is your own opinion, but what Pixar has done here, can put companies like Dreamworks, Sony, and Blue sky to shame.

Wall E also may go down as the most lovable character ever to grace the movie screen, I praise Ben Burtt and Andrew Stanton, and the people at Pixar for what they did, and will continue to do.

This is why Pixar is the top studio in the world.”

You must see this film.

This is the teaser trailer :

Dewiq feat IpanK bete

Agustus 19, 2008

nih si pengarang lagu ternama akhirnya unjuk gigi, their ladies and gentleman DEWIQ feat IPANK “BeTe” :

**** = 4 Stars for this song

Ikin – Core Duo – Juancuuk Kon Ro.. Koncoku cuma Guatel karo Guaplek huahuahuhauh

Agustus 19, 2008

Juancukk, guaplek pelem iki, ikin you get 10 for this.

Saran : dubbernya kurang suroboyo yang suro… sing boyo juancuuuuk tenan :))